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Enquire Blog

Blog/Working together

A photo shows the view looking across a choppy sea to the Scottish island of Shetland, visible in the distance.

In March, representatives of Enquire and the My Rights My Say service, Hannah Gray and Marie Harrison, visited Shetland to attend an event on what the incorporation of the United Convention

Blog/Additional support needs

A photo shows a young person with her head resting on her hand, elbow on the table and a workbook and school supplies nearby.

Following the popularity of our webinar on supporting children with ADHD in school, we spoke further with Geraldine Mynors who shares some top tips for parents and carers about talking

Blog/Care Experience

Black and white photo shows the corner of a notebook with a pen drawn heart.

Enquire have launched an exciting new project, funded by The Promise Partnership. Designed to help keep Scotland’s Promise to care experienced children and young people, Enquire’s Promise project will see

Blog/Working together

Teenage girl on a bus in school uniform.

After witnessing May Dunsmuir speak earlier in the year about the importance of families, schools and local authorities working together when waiting for a Tribunal hearing we wanted to know


Enquire continues to help hundreds of parents navigate the additional support for learning landscape.   Between April and June 2023, the Enquire helpline team responded to 433 enquiries from across 29

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