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Enquire Blog

Blog/UNCRC Series

Looking down on a child's hand playing with paper spaceships /rockets, on a wooden table with various stationary.

Juliet Harris, Director of Together, reflects on how to ensure incorporation of the UNCRC is a transformative step for disabled and neurodivergent children and young people.

Blog/UNCRC Series

A diverse group of teenagers sit outside in the grass. One girl is looking directly at the camera and smiling, whilst the others are all looking off camera, into the distance.

Staff from East Renfrewshire Council share how they have been preparing for incorporation of UNCRC into Scots Law, including engaging young people in the future of council services.

Blog/Working together

A photo shows the view looking across a choppy sea to the Scottish island of Shetland, visible in the distance.

Reflections on Enquire’s recent trip to Shetland, alongside My Rights My Say, to find out more about the approach to additional support for learning.

Blog/Working together

Mother using laptop with daughter.

As the My Rights, My Say service approaches its sixth birthday, Participation and Communication Officer, Susie Dalton, reflects on the service and the role of the partners involved.

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