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Enquire Blog


Young asian teen girl smiles at camera sitting in school computer class. In the background sits 3 more pupils also on computers.

The next stage of Enquire’s Promise Project is now underway and is calling for input from adults with care experience, and professionals supporting children and young people.

Blog/Additional support needs

A photo shows a young person with her head resting on her hand, elbow on the table and a workbook and school supplies nearby.

Following the popularity of our webinar on supporting children with ADHD in school, Geraldine Mynors shares some top tips for parents and carers about talking to school.

Blog/Policy and Legislation

Young boy sitting alone on a bench during break at school.

Enquire have fed back on the Scottish Government’s Draft Self-Harm Strategy and Action Plan, sharing what we hear on our helpline relating to mental health, anxiety and self-harm.

Blog/Policy and Legislation

A wooden gate offering entry to a school playground. The gate is painted in alternating bright colours - red, yellow, green and blue

Enquire have responded to the Scottish Government’s proposals around minimum learning hours and the impact they could have on children with additional support needs and their families.  

Blog/Young Carers

With recent work from the Carers Trust highlighting the unseen struggle of young carers, Kelly Munro reflects on how schools can support young carers in their community.

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