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Enquire Blog

Blog/Working together

Mother using laptop with daughter.

As the My Rights, My Say service approaches its sixth birthday, Participation and Communication Officer, Susie Dalton, reflects on the service and the role of the partners involved, as well

Blog/Additional support needs

Teacher helps her student with their work in a classroom

Ahead of World Teacher Day (5 Oct), Gerry Diamond discusses the importance of a trauma-informed approach in schools, and how doing so can have an impact that lasts a lifetime.  

Blog/Working together

Teenage girl on a bus in school uniform.

After witnessing May Dunsmuir speak earlier in the year about the importance of families, schools and local authorities working together when waiting for a Tribunal hearing we wanted to know


Enquire continues to help hundreds of parents navigate the additional support for learning landscape.   Between April and June 2023, the Enquire helpline team responded to 433 enquiries from across 29

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