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Useful organisations

    West Glasgow Carers Centre

    The Carers’ Centre offers carers a wide range of services, including emotional and practical support, help to get a break from caring, training and advice about welfare rights. The Carers Centre also offers a support group for parents caring for children affected by a disability up to 18 years, which includes children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The group provides mutual support, information, advice, invited speakers. They meet the first Wednesday of the month at the centre - evenings (please note: there are no meetings during school out of term time). Please contact for further information.
    Telephone : 0141 959 9871
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Western Isles Community Care Forum

    Western Isles Community Care Forum, a voluntary organisation which serves the Western Isles. We serve the voluntary care organisations, informal carers and service users in the Western Isles. If you are caring for someone and would like some practical support, support with finances, or would like to chat we can help. We also provide training and other support get in touch with us.
    Telephone : 01859 502588
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Young Carers – Y Sort It

    Y Sort it supports, develops and delivers two young carer groups, one aged 10-12 years and 12-18 years, to provide a safe and fun space for young carers to relax, study, meet new friends, and access advice and support. The groups and activities will take place during evenings and weekends on a weekly basis throughout the year, including holiday times. Free travel and pickups will be available for those wishing to access the group work sessions.
    Telephone : 0141 941 3308
    Email :
    Web Address :
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