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Useful organisations

    Signpost West Lothian

    • Signpost will no longer be able to support you in person or on the phone, nor guide you to support information, groups or organisations appropriate to your needs from 31st March 2023 as they will be closing from that date.
    • However their revised website will contain lots of useful information, links and resources and will be available until March 2025
    Signpost is a registered charity which offers support and information to young people with additional support needs (with or without a diagnosis) and their families in West Lothian, on any topic related to the child's needs. Signpost has a helpline, 'drop-in' office (no appointment required), newsletter, website and Facebook page (Signpost West Lothian), and also offers training for carers and advocacy. Signpost supports families to have an ordinary life, with the same choices and opportunities as any other family.    
    Telephone : 01506 431123
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland

    Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland is the only specialist charity to provide a lifetime commitment of dedicated support services, family groups, training and projects for everyone affected by spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus across Scotland. The charity also provides advocacy to parents of children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.
    Telephone : 03455 211 811
    Email :
    Web Address :

    VOCAL Edinburgh Carer Centre

    VOCAL supports carers in the local communities and provides information, individual support, counselling, support for families affected by drug or alcohol addiction, free training, groupwork and social, leisure and training events for carers and access to many other services. Facebook: Twitter: @EdinburghCarers
    Telephone : 0808 196 6666
    Email :
    Web Address :

    VOCAL Midlothian Carer Centre

    VOCAL supports carers in all family and relationship settings, providing individual support, support for families affected by addiction, information, counselling, free training, groupwork and social activites for carers and access to many other services.
    Telephone : 0131 663 6869
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Who Cares? Scotland

    Provides a range of advocacy, advice and support services across Scotland for children and young people with experience of care up to the age of 25. To find out about accessing advocacy for a young person, or if you are a young person who wants to speak to an advocate in your area, visit the website to find out who is available in your area. Or call the National Office on 0141 226 4441 for help.
    Telephone : 0141 226 4441
    Email :
    Web Address :
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