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Useful organisations

    Independent Advocacy Perth and Kinross

    Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross (IAPK) provides independent advocacy for children and young people who have either a learning disability, autism or experience mental health issues and who feel they would like advocacy support. Children and young people often want to tell someone how they feel, but are afraid or don’t know how or don’t know how to take issues forward through adult systems. IAPK can advocate for a child or young person by speaking for them or being by their side while they speak, to make sure their views are heard and they understand the information being given to them. In addition, IAPK also provide independent advocacy for children who are known to Social Work Services but who live at home and who may be going through processes such as children’s hearings or additional support for learning. They also provide independent advocacy for unpaid carers of children and young people who have a disability or illness.
    Telephone : 01738 587887
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Kindred Edinburgh

    Kindred supports families by providing emotional and peer support, information and advocacy. The helpline team supports families with children with complex and exceptional health care needs in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The hospital team supports families who have a child who is inpatient at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. The helpline numbers are available between 11am-3pm
    Telephone : 0800 031 5793
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Let’s Talk ASN – National Advocacy Service for Additional Support Needs

    A Scottish Government funded service for the parents of children with additional support needs who may require support in relation to a dispute or potential dispute with an education authority.  Aims to resolve disputes at the earliest stage possible.  The service can be used by anyone who has a right to make a reference to the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland.
    Telephone : 0141 440 2503 / 0800 043 0306
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service

    Lomond & Argyll Advocacy Service (usually known as ‘LAAS’) is an independent, free and confidential advocacy organisation operating in the West of Scotland. They provide independent advocacy to adults who use community care services. Their priority groups are adults with a learning disability, adults who use mental health services and people over 65.
    Telephone : 01389 726543
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Minority Ethnic Advocacy Project (West of Scotland Regional Equality Council & Govan Community Project)

    Aims to reduce the barriers faced by minority ethnic communities such as language, lack of awareness etc and increase confidence through inter-cultural dialogue and capacity building individuals. The main goal of the project is to connect vulnerable and isolated individuals with mainstream services they require by supporting them to understand their situation and helping them make informed decisions. The project helps individuals from a BME background to build confidence and enable empowerment. Their diverse staff includes speakers of Arabic, Farsi and Urdu/Punjabi.
    Telephone : 0141 337 6626
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Moray Rights, Advocacy and Mediation

    The Children and Young People's Rights Service provides advocacy to the following groups: - looked after children and young people - young people who wish to appeal an exclusion from school or a change in their Educational Maintenance Allowance - young people who would like support to speak to adults about their additional support needs, problems with bullying, living with domestic abuse etc. - young people who would like support to make a complaint
    Telephone : 01343 564170
    Email :
    Web Address :

    My Rights, My Say

    All children have the right to have their views considered when decisions are being made about the support they get with their learning. Children aged 12–15 with additional support needs have specific rights to be involved in decisions that affect them. My Rights, My Say provides: - advice and information about a child’s rights - advocacy to support a child to have their voice heard when talking to their school - independent support to make sure the child’s views are heard in formal processes (such as assessments) - support to enhance professional practice in listening to children’s views - legal representation to support a child making a reference to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal.
    Web Enquiry Form :
    Web Address :
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