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Section 70 complaints

This factsheet explains when you can make a section 70 complaint to Scottish Ministers about a failure under education law.

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Local authority information about coronavirus

An infographic to explain how you can find out about local authorities arrangements for supporting children’s learning during coronavirus.

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Learning at home during coronavirus

Five things to remember about learning at home during coronavirus.

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The BIG questions about assessments

Practical answers to questions you may have about identifying and assessing your child’s additional support needs.

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Talking to your child’s school about bullying

Practical advice to help you if you are concerned your child is being bullied.

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I’m not happy with how my child’s school is responding to bullying

Practical advice if you are not happy with how your child’s school has addressed your concerns about bullying.

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Talking to your child’s school about anxiety related absence

Eleven handy tips to help parents and carers talk to their child’s school about anxiety related absence,

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Unlawful exclusion

Five steps you can take if your child is being unlawfully excluded.

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Children with healthcare needs: Rights

Four facts you need to know if your child has healthcare needs.

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Children with healthcare needs: Advice

Four things you can do if you’re worried your child’s healthcare needs are not being met in school.

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How coronavirus is affecting additional support for learning in Scotland

There have been changes to the laws on educating children with additional support needs in Scotland.

The advice found in our normal publications and on our main website may not apply while Scotland responds to the coronavirus.

Our coronavirus webpages can help you understand the current changes.

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