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School placements

This factsheet explains the different types of schools that pupils with additional support needs might attend, how school placements are usually made, tips on choosing a school. and your rights to make a placing request to a school of your choice.

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Planning for starting school

This factsheet explains what local authorities, schools and nurseries must do to plan for children with additional support needs starting primary school.

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Planning for moving to high school

This factsheet explains what local authorities and schools must do to plan for children with additional support needs moving to high school.

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Supporting pupils with healthcare needs

This factsheet explains how nurseries, schools, local authorities and NHS boards should work together to support pupils with healthcare conditions.

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Transport to school

This factsheet explains the law on which pupils are entitled to free transport to and from school.

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School attendance

This factsheet explains the law on school attendance, and what happens if your child is struggling or unable to attend school regularly.

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When your child is too unwell to attend school

This factsheet explains pupils’ rights to education and support if they are absent from school due to ill health.

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Exclusion from school

This factsheet explains when a school can exclude a pupil, the procedures the school must follow, and how you can appeal an exclusion.

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Working together with your child’s school

This factsheet explains how you can have positive conversations with your child’s school or nursery, including advice for attending meetings about your child’s support.

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Avoiding and solving problems

This factsheet explains the steps you can take if you are worried or unhappy about your child’s support, and some of the further steps you can take if you are in a disagreement with a local authority.

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How coronavirus is affecting additional support for learning in Scotland

There have been changes to the laws on educating children with additional support needs in Scotland.

The advice found in our normal publications and on our main website may not apply while Scotland responds to the coronavirus.

Our coronavirus webpages can help you understand the current changes.

Read on..