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Disabled pupils and the law

This factsheet explains the main laws that apply to support and adaptations for disabled pupils at school and nursery.

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Additional support for learning for looked after pupils

This factsheet explains the rights of looked after children and young people to get support with their learning at school.

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Additional support for learning in the early years

This factsheet explains how much early learning and childcare children are entitled to, and what support they can get with their learning before starting school.

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Rights of children aged 12-15

This factsheet explains the specific rights of children aged 12-15 with additional support needs to be involved in decisions about their education, and how they can use these rights.

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Education and additional support after 16

This factsheet explains young people’s right to stay on at school after 16, and local authorities’ duties to plan for pupils with additional support needs leaving school.

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Home education and additional support for learning

This factsheet explains your right to educate your child at home, and local authorities’ responsibilities to home educated children.

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Independent schools and additional support for learning

This factsheet explains how the law on additional support for learning applies to pupils who attend independent schools.

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Identifying and assessing your child’s needs

This factsheet explains what local authorities, schools and nurseries must do to identify your child’s support needs, and your rights to request assessments of their needs.

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Planning your child’s support

This factsheet explains the different ways that your child’s support might be planned, including descriptions of the types of written plans that might be used.

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Co-ordinated support plans

This factsheet explains what a co-ordinated support plan (CSP) is, what the criteria are for a CSP, and how to request one.

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How coronavirus is affecting additional support for learning in Scotland

There have been changes to the laws on educating children with additional support needs in Scotland.

The advice found in our normal publications and on our main website may not apply while Scotland responds to the coronavirus.

Our coronavirus webpages can help you understand the current changes.

Read on..