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Useful organisations

    Additional Support Needs Tribunal

    The Additional Support Needs jurisdiction (the ASN Tribunal) hears references (appeals) from parents and young people against decisions of education authorities regarding the provision of educational support under the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 (the 2004 Act). Children aged between 12 and 15 years who have capacity to make a reference (and where their wellbeing will not be adversely affected) can also make two types of references: • A reference in relation to a co-ordinated support plan (CSP) • A reference appealing against the education authority’s assessment of the child’s capacity or wellbeing. The Equality Act 2010 (the 2010 Act) provides the right to make a claim (appeal) to the ASN Tribunal in respect of disability discrimination relating to pupils in school education. Claims may be made by the parent, the young person or the child (where the child has the capacity to make the claim).
    Telephone : 0141 302 5860
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit

    The Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit is a free resource which provides information for teachers, schools and local authorities on inclusive practice, literacy difficulties and dyslexia. The Toolkit guides users through a child-centred, collaborative process of identification, assessment, support and monitoring of dyslexia.

    Telephone : 03448008484
    Email :
    Web Enquiry Form :
    Web Address :

    Augmentative and Alternative Communication Team Fife (AAC)

    The Augmentative and Alternative Communication Team Fife (AAC) provides a Fife-wide service to children and adults whose communication ability is limited due to a severe oral communication difficulty. This may have resulted from conditions present from birth, such as cerebral palsy or learning disabilities, or develop later in life, from conditions such as head injury, motor neurone disease or stroke.
    Telephone : 01592 583375
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Autism Toolbox

    The Autism Toolbox is a free online resource developed to support the inclusion of autistic learners in Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings, Primary and Secondary schools. A key aim of the Toolbox is to support educational practitioners, schools and local authorities understand autism and support their learners and families. The Toolbox:
    • Provides up to date information, set within the Scottish educational, health and social context on autism and inclusive practice.
    • Provides free information, guidance, resources and professional learning opportunities for educational practitioners, schools and local authorities on autism and inclusive practice.
    • Explains the autism identification and support pathway.
    • Supports professional reflection and learning.

    Email :
    Web Address :

    CALL Scotland – Communication and Technology Services

    CALL (Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning) Scotland is a unit within Moray House School of Education at The University of Edinburgh. ICT (Information and Communications Technology) has much to offer children and young people with disabilities or additional support needs through Assistive Technology (AT) and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems. CALL pulls together information about local and national specialist ICT services. There might be an ICT specialist team in your area. Contact details for these services are available on the CALL website at the link below.
    Telephone : 0131 651 6235
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection (CELCIS)

    CELCIS is a leading improvement and innovation centre in Scotland. Improves children's lives by supporting people and organisations to drive long-lasting change in the services they need, and the practices used by people responsible for their care.
    Telephone : 0141 444 8500
    Email :
    Web Address :

    Education Scotland

    Education Scotland is a Scottish Government executive agency charged with supporting quality and improvement in Scottish education and thereby securing the delivery of better learning experiences and outcomes for Scottish learners of all ages. For information on additional support for learning visit this page on their website -
    Telephone : 0131 244 4330
    Email :
    Web Address :
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