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Enquire Blog

Young asian teen girl smiles at camera sitting in school computer class. In the background sits 3 more pupils also on computers.

The Promise: Navigate survey now open

The next stage of Enquire’s Promise Project is now underway and is calling for input from adults with care experience, and professionals supporting children and young people.

We are looking for input from adults and professionals to help shape the development of Navigate, a toolkit focused on care experienced children and young people’s educational rights.  

Navigate will provide advice, information and resources about key issues that affect care experienced children and young people at school – attendance, exclusions, and co-ordinated support plans (CSPs). 

Having listened to what young people have already shared with the Promise about their experiences about school, the Navigate team are now looking to hear from: 

  • adults and young adults with care experience who were educated in Scotland
  • professionals working in and around education, who support care experienced children and young people  

Beth Fyfe, an Advice and Information Officer at Enquire who is part of the Navigate project team said:  

“The project is progressing really well. We’re finalising our Navigate branding and thinking about how the toolkit will be accessible, valuable, and engaging for everyone.   

“We’re listening to everything care experienced young people have already shared with The Promise about their experiences of school.  Our survey for parents and carers has also helped us understand more about what they’d find helpful from Navigate.  

Now we would love to hear from professionals working in and around education, who support care experienced children and young people, to understand what would be useful to include and how the toolkit would likely be used or accessed. This will help us ensure it’s fit for purpose and doing what we need it to.” 

The short survey asks what should be included in the toolkit and how that information and advice should be shared. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes.   

Take the survey

Access the survey links below: 

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