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Enquire Blog

International recognition for Scotland’s Inclusion Ambassadors

The Inclusion Ambassadors have been recognised in an international report into inclusive education, highlighted as a strong example of positive participation, engagement and pupil voice.

The Ambassadors are a group of secondary school aged pupils with additional support needs who attend a range of education provision. They are encouraged to speak freely and openly about their experiences of being a pupil with additional support needs in Scotland. They are supported to contribute to policy consultations and discussions and develop a range of resources to facilitate inclusive teaching practices and learning environments based on their experiences.  

The group are managed by Children in Scotland and Enquire.   

Sharing good practice in inclusive education

The report is the culmination of a study commissioned by the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities (EASPD) which focused on the transition from special education to inclusive education systems.   

Delivered by the Policy Impact Lab, the study highlighted 16 case studies from 11 European countries which showcase policies and practice that facilitates knowledge sharing between professionals who work across education.  

The examples and case studies chosen range from day-today knowledge-sharing initiatives within school communities to nationwide reform of formal education systems.  

International case study

Commenting on the selection of the Inclusion Ambassadors project as a case study, Justine Zutautaite, Research Coordinator and Associate at the Policy Impact Lab said:  

“In discussions around education policy, or even when making decisions on individual learners’ education pathways, the voices of the learners themselves are often sidelined.

“The Inclusion Ambassadors’ model shows how this can be changed by providing a safe space for pupils with additional support needs to express their thoughts and concerns and turn them into tangible advice for policymakers and school communities.  

“We believe that the model holds a lot of potential for replication in other countries.”

Lucy Johnson, Enquire’s Senior Development Officer who supports the group said:  

“We are delighted the Inclusion Ambassadors have been included as an example of international good practice.  

“Enquire and Children in Scotland are committed to ensuring the voices of young people entitled to additional support for learning are heard by policymakers and decision makers in Scotland. The Inclusion Ambassadors meaningfully contribute to creating a more inclusive learning environment for Scotland’s pupils and we look forward to seeing if this model is replicated in other countries following this study.” 

The report Transitions from Special Education to Inclusive Education Systems is available on the EASPD website. Click here to read

Find out more about the Inclusion Ambassadors

For more information on the Inclusion Ambassadors and their work, visit 

Are you an education professional? Enquire has a range of the Inclusion Ambassadors resources designed for teachers and other education professionals. Visit our professional pages 

Do you want to share the work of the Inclusion Ambassadors with young people you support or care for? Visit the Inclusion Ambassadors pages on Reach for more information about what they do, written with young people in mind. Visit the Inclusion Ambassador pages on

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