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Enquire Blog

From the helpline – May 2023

Between January and March the Enquire helpline team responded to 475 enquiries from across all 32 Scottish local authorities.

Issues relating to a child’s support continue to be the most common reason for families contacting the helpline (60%) followed by relationship and communication challenges between families and professionals. School placements overtook attendance issues as the next most common theme raised, accounting for more than a third (34%) of all enquiries. 

Since January, Helpline officers have noted an increase in enquiries relating to wellbeing and safety, as well as concerns around equality and discrimination. 

More than half of conversations (55%) related to autistic children and young people as well as supporting children who may be suffering from anxiety (28%) and those with ADHD or ADD (18%). 

Mark Patterson, Senior Advice and Information Officer commented:  

“The increase in enquiries  regarding a child’s current or proposed school placement is indicative of this time of year. The period after the Easter term  is always a busy time as  families seek advice after hearing whether their child has got a place at the school they were hoping for.  

“It’s interesting to note the increase in the calls regarding a wellbeing or safety concern. Many of these related to the impact a school situation was having on a family’s home life. For example parents struggling to maintain employment because their child is out of school. This only serves to highlight the importance of good support at school and the knock- on effect this can have on family income and life.” 

Read more: Our blog, A place for everyone, considers the next steps for families who have recieved news about their placing requests. Click here to read.

Are you a parent or a carer of a child with ADHD? Understanding the right to support in school for children and young people with ADHD is a free webinar, delivered in partnership with the Scottish ADHD Coalition. Being held on Wednesday 10 May at 8pm it looks to respond to some frequently asked questions on our helpline. Click here to find out more and book.

Looking for advice or support? Contact the Enquire team via our helpline, webchat or direct mail.

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