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Children’s rights to extra support with their learning

Childrens rights to be involved

All children have the right to have their views considered when decisions are being made about the support they get with their learning. Children aged 12 – 15  now have the right to be more involved in decisions that affect them.

Once a child reaches their 12th birthday they have the right to:

  • ask their school to find out if they need extra support
  • have a say in plans and decisions made about the support they get
  • have an advocate with them at meetings to help them share their views and understand what’s going on
  • question plans made for them or make an appeal to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal if they are not happy with what certain plans say
  • get help to sort out any disagreements about their support.

My Rights, My Say can help children exercise these rights.

We provide:

  • advice and information about a child’s rights
  • advocacy to support a child to have their voice heard when talking to their school
  • independent support to make sure the child’s views are heard in formal process (such as assessments)
  • support to enhance professional practice in listening to children’s views
  • legal representations to support a child making a reference to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal.

My Rights, My Say is a partnership between Enquire, Children in Scotland, Cairn Legal and Partners in Advocacy.

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