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Additional support needs

This is the legal definition of additional support needs from the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004, as amended. A child or young person has additional support needs for the purposes of the Act where, for whatever reason, the child or young person is, or is likely to be, unable without the provision of additional support to benefit from school education provided or to be provided for the child or young person.

In this Act, ‘additional support’ means:

  1. in relation to a prescribed pre-school child (children entitled to a free nursery place), a child of school age or a young person receiving school education provision which is additional to, or otherwise different from, the educational provision made generally for children or, as the case may be, young persons of the same age in schools (other than special schools) under the management of the local authority for the area to which the child or young person belongs
  2. in relation to a child under school age other than a prescribed pre-school child, such educational provision as is appropriate in the circumstances.