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Inclusion Ambassadors: Additional Support for Learning Vision Statement

A downloadable version of the Inclusion Ambassadors vision statement. This outlines what our Ambassadors want from school and their learning environment and how schools can help pupils feel more included and supported.

The vision they have created is proof of the sort of school experience that young people want. It is one where they are supported to learn, but also have opportunities to socialise. They believe that a more rounded school experience, rather than it only being about exams is the best way.

The statement can be viewed as a guide for decision makers and professionals. It is there to help make sure that children and young people’s views are being listened to, acted on and prioritised in decision making.

This resource is part of the previously published vision and overview document that explains the Inclusion Ambassadors’ role in how the vision was developed. It also covers what they will be doing over the coming year to further this Vision.

The Vision Statement is intended to provide an overarching statement that everyone involved in supporting additional support for learning should aim for. You could explore the vision statement with young people you work with to see whether they feel they experience this.

To support this, we broke the vision statement into a number of related statements about school:
  • School should help me be the best I can be
  • School is a place where children and young people learn
  • School is a place where children and young people socialise
  • School is a place where children and young people become prepared
    for life beyond school
  • Success is different for everyone
  • Adults that work with you in school know you as individuals
  • Adults that work with you in school ask, listen and act on what you’re saying about the
    support that works best for you.

You can also find some suggestions on activities relating to the Inclusion Ambassadors vision statement here:

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