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Coronavirus and additional support for learning

What do the changes mean for my child’s additional support?

As you will know, the changes in law to protect people in Scotland during the coronavirus outbreak have already very significantly affected how your child is educated. The Scottish Government has asked local authorities to close all schools to pupils, except for making ‘critical provision’ for children in some key groups, like the children of key workers in the NHS.

This has an impact on all children but children with additional support needs, and their parents, may be particularly affected.

This section sets out some of the key questions that we think you may have about how the changes in law will affect the support your child may receive for their learning.

We are still developing this section, and do not have answers to all the questions you may have at the moment, but please send us your questions using our web enquiry form so that we know what information you are looking for. We will update this page whenever we are able to provide some more information.

Whilst schools are closed, local authorities effectively no longer have a duty to provide ‘adequate and efficient’ additional support for learning to pupils in their area who need extra help to benefit from their education.

However, schools and local authorities are working hard to find ways of providing learning support for their pupils. Each local authority is taking their own approach to helping children continue to learn when they are out of school. You can find out more about your local authority’s plans from our section, ‘What is happening with schools and nurseries in my area?’ on our coronavirus homepage.

Local authorities should have arranged critical childcare for children in some key groups. This critical childcare may include some children attending an education setting like a school or nursery, and it may include receiving some additional support with their learning.

Your child may be entitled to this critical childcare if you are a ‘key worker’ like NHS and social care staff, or if your child needs more help to stay safe and well. This may include your child if they have complex additional support needs and require a high level of support that you cannot provide at home. See our page on ‘What do the changes mean for my child’s school education?’ for more information about if your child may be entitled to attend school or nursery during the coronavirus outbreak.

We expect more guidance on how local authorities can support pupils with additional support needs during the school closures to be issued soon, so will update this section when we know more.

  • Thanks for your feedback. It helps us to know the information parents are looking for about additional support for learning.

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