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Coronavirus and additional support for learning

What should happen with my child’s support plan?

In this section, we will explain how coronavirus might affect your child’s learning support plan, including information about co-ordinated support plans (CSPs).


Normally, your child’s teachers should plan to help them meet your child’s individual needs. If your child has a written plan, their teachers should review and update it, with your and your child’s input, and use it as the basis for planning, delivering and reviewing the support your child needs with their learning moving forwards.

During school closures, schools should still be trying to plan support for pupils with additional support needs. However, schools may not be able to offer the same support as they normally would. This may include needing to postpone things like reviewing and updating your child’s support plan, until schools are open more fully again.

If you are worried your child is not getting the support they need during the school closures, you can speak to their school about this.

Our factsheet on Working together with your child’s school has some helpful tips for working together with the school to get the right support in place for your child.

If your child does not have a written plan, but you think they may need one, you should ask to discuss this with your child’s class teacher, or the person responsible for additional support for learning at the school or nursery.

You can find out much more in our factsheet on Planning your child’s support.

You still have the same rights as usual, including to ask for your child to be assessed for a CSP, or to ask for a review of an existing CSP, and local authorities still have the same responsibilities as usual related to CSPs. However, the current school and nursery closures and coronavirus restrictions mean that local authorities may take longer to do some things, and they may not be able to provide support to children in the same way as usual. The law has been temporarily changed to allow for this, as long as the reason the local authority has not been able to do something is directly because of coronavirus and the school and nursery closures.

This means that your child may not be able to get the same support as stated in their co-ordinated support plan (CSP) at the moment. If your child’s CSP was due to be reviewed, this may also have been postponed until schools are reopen more fully again.

What support your child should and should not still be receiving will depend on the type of support your child normally gets, and what is reasonable and possible in the current situation. If you are worried your child is not getting the support they need during the school closures, you can speak to their school about this, or the CSP co-ordinator who will be named on their plan.

If your child is not able to be cared for safely, or have their learning sufficiently supported at home, they may be able to attend school. There is more information on our coronavirus webpage ‘Supporting children of key workers and vulnerable children.’

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