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Coronavirus and additional support for learning

What will happen if there is an increase in coronavirus again?

There has been lots of positive progress in suppressing coronavirus in Scotland, but it is possible that there will be some local outbreaks over the coming months. You may be feeling worried about what will happen if there is an outbreak in your area, and how this will affect your child’s education.

All local authorities have been asked to make contingency plans in case this does happen. Their plans will try and limit any impact on your child’s education and wellbeing as much as possible. Your child’s school and your local authority should keep you up to date about what their plans are and what they will mean for your child.

Below we have summarised some of the steps that might be taken if there are local outbreaks of coronavirus.

In areas where there are outbreaks, it is likely that some extra safety measures will be put in place to try and prevent the spread of the virus.

This could include things like:
• introducing physical distancing between pupils
• increasing where and when pupils are asked to wear face coverings in school.

If physical distancing between pupils is needed, this is likely to mean that not all pupils can be in school or nursery at once. They will then need to use a ‘blended learning’ approach, which means pupils learning in school or nursery some of the time, and at home the rest of the time.

Your child’s school or nursery will have already done lots of planning for what things would look like with a ‘blended learning’ approach, and may have already shared some information with you about this.

The plans for different schools and nurseries will all look quite different, because they will have different things to take into account, like the size of the building. Your child’s school or nursery will be able to tell you more about what things would look like for your child.

Everyone wants to avoid schools and nurseries needing to close again, but if this will be the best way to keep everyone safe then this may need to happen.

If your child’s school needs to close, they would go back to learning at home like during the national lockdown, and will be supported by school with this. See ‘My child is not able to attend school’ for more information about support for learning from home.

The local authority would also go back to providing critical childcare services for children who need it, for example children of keyworkers and children who need extra care and protection.

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