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Information for children and young people during coronavirus

With all the changes happening because of coronavirus – schools closing, no exams, staying at home all the time, not being able to see friends – children and young people may be feeling worried, anxious or overwhelmed.

How have we responded?

To help, Enquire has developed a page on our children and young people’s website Reach to share useful advice and tips to help pupils while schools are closed.

The webpage called My learning and support during coronavirus has advice on lots of subjects including:

  • Children’s rights during coronavirus
  • Tips for accessible home learning
  • Advice on moving school and going back to school after lockdown
  • Advice for school leavers
  • How to feel less anxious
  • Keeping safe online during coronavirus
  • Tips from teachers about learning at home
  • Advice on how to concentrate at home
  • Tips from young people about what’s helping them
  • Advice if a child doesn’t know which school they are going to next year
  • Exams and results during coronavirus
    and much more.

light bulb cartoonHow can parents use it?

The webpage is a great way to start a conversation with your child if you are worried they are struggling with learning at home or other issues related to being in lockdown. We’ve also signposted to other sources of useful advice designed to help children and young people during this difficult time.

One young person told us the webpage was “cool” and “very helpful”.

And also…..

There is loads of advice in the other sections of the website that might be helpful when your child goes back to school.




Contact the Enquire Helpline on 0345 123 2303

Our telephone helpline is open 1pm-4.30pm today, or visit our Contact page to get in touch by email.

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