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Enquire Blog


A young girl with Down's syndrome is sitting at an art table surrounded by pens, pencils and paper.

Enquire have responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the proposed Learning Disability, Autism and Neurodivergence (LDAN) Bill, highlighting how the Bill could impact the families we come in contact


Photo of a school setting. A teacher with glasses and short hair helps a young girl with her papers. A boy is just in view, sitting at the same table.

Enquire responded to the recent call for evidence from the Scottish Parliament’s Education, Children and Young People Committee as part of their Inquiry into Additional Support for Learning (ASL) highlighting

Blog/Policy and Legislation

Boy with rucksack at school entrance

Enquire have responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the proposed Restraint and Seclusion (Prevention in Schools) (Scotland) Bill, reflecting on the current limited legislation and guidance, and the impact

Blog/Policy and Legislation

Young boy sitting alone on a bench during break at school.

Enquire have fed back on the Scottish Government’s Draft Self-Harm Strategy and Action Plan, sharing what we hear on our helpline relating to mental health, anxiety and self-harm.   Our

Blog/Policy and Legislation

A wooden gate offering entry to a school playground. The gate is painted in alternating bright colours - red, yellow, green and blue

Enquire have responded to the Scottish Government’s proposals around minimum learning hours and the impact they could have on children with additional support needs and their families.   Potential positives

Blog/Policy and Legislation

Deborah Lynch, Senior Policy Officer in the Scottish Government’s Supporting Learners’ Team provides an update on progress on the Additional Support for Learning Action Plan. “In October 2020, the Scottish

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