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Enquire Blog

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New project to help Keep the Promise

Enquire have launched an exciting new project, funded by The Promise Partnership.

Designed to help keep Scotland’s Promise to care experienced children and young people, Enquire’s Promise project will see the development of a new digital toolkit focused on care experienced children and young people’s educational rights.

The work will focus on three key areas we know need to improve:  

  • Underuse of co-ordinated support plans (CSPs) for care-experienced children and young people
  • Formal and informal exclusions of care experienced children from education settings, and  
  • Care-experienced children and young people who are out of school who must receive the support they need to continue to access their learning and return to school as soon as possible.  

Mark Patterson, Enquire’s Senior Information and Advice Officer who is leading the project said:  

“We are really excited to have been awarded this funding to develop a digital toolkit full of information, advice and practical resources for care-experienced young people and those who support them.  

“We know care-experienced children and young people often miss out when it comes to education for a range of  reasons. We also know that children and young people, and those supporting them, sometimes aren’t fully aware of the rights they have to support with their learning.  

“We are pleased to be able to take forward this project and help keep The Promise to Scotland’s care-experienced young people. “ 

The Enquire Promise project is funded until March 2025. 

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More information

For information and advice for children and young people about additional support for learning, visit and search ‘care-experience.’ 

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