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Enquire Blog

A picture from our new child rights animation

Making rights real for all parents, carers and pupils

Today we launch a new resource called Recite me which makes our advice and information for children, young people, parents and carers more accessible.

Recite me offers:

  • text to speech functionality
  • dyslexia software
  • an interactive dictionary
  • a translation tool with more than 100 languages.

Making rights real

Cat Thomson, Enquire’s Partnership Manager, explains why this tool is so important to our work:

“Every child and young person should have access to advice and information about their rights to extra support in school in a format that is accessible to them. That’s why we are delighted to be launching Recite me on Reach, our website for children and young people. Reach helps pupils to understand their rights to feel supported, included, listened to and involved in decisions at school and offers practical tips to help them deal with lots of issues at school. As an important source of advice to help pupils with additional support needs, Recite me will help us reach a much wider audience.

We are also delighted that Recite me will feature on the Enquire website for parents, carers and practitioners, enabling more families to find the advice and information they need to help their child get the right support. Recite me will give us an opportunity to reach many more parents and carers and remove the barriers some families face when looking for information about their child’s rights.

We hope that schools and local authorities will also benefit from more accessible information about additional support for learning and encourage children and young people with dyslexia, visual impairment, or English as an additional language and their families to use our websites.”

Recite me is easy to use – simply click  the ‘Accessibility Tools’ and a tool bar will open up. Hover the cursor over each symbol to find out its function.

Visit the Recite me website for more information.

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