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Get the facts! Different support when your child moves schools

When a child is moving to a new school, information about them and their learning needs will be passed to the new school in order for the school to prepare for the pupil arriving. When a child attends the new school staff should consider the child’s needs based on both the information they received and their own assessment of the child’s needs. The child will not necessary receive exactly the same support as previously given. This may be because:

  • the learning environment (e.g the size or layout of school and classrooms) may be different or better for the child and therefore support needed in the previous school may be unnecessary
  • staff in the new school may have received different training or have more experience of a child with a similar learning need
  • the child himself or herself may behave differently in the new school and may therefore not need the same support
  • the school may have access to different resources or services which result in different support being provided

If a parent or carer has any worries about the support their child is receiving they should speak to the classroom teacher in the first instance or ask for a meeting to discuss their child’s learning needs and support.

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