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Get the facts! Right to attend meetings

As a parents or carer you play an important role in supporting your child’s learning in school. It is good practice that you are involved when important decisions about your child’s learning are made. However it is not always possible, or necessary, for you to be at all meetings regarding your child’s learning. There will be some meetings where it is inappropriate for you to attend –  for example, because professionals may be discussing several children, because of the sensitive nature of what is being discussed or time constraints.

It is important however that professionals share information with you about the outcomes from meetings and that you are given an opportunity to discuss them further if needed. You can ask to see the note of a meeting related to your child that you did not attend.

Parents often tell us that when they do attend meetings it is not always possible to get a copy of a note of any actions agreed. If you would like a note of a meeting you can ask before it starts for one to be taken. If this does not happen you can take your own notes of the meeting and send it to the person chairing the meeting and ask them to confirm that it contains the agreed points.

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