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Enquire Blog

Your Rights Your Say

3 reasons to watch our new animations on children’s rights at school

New films help pupils understand their rights

A picture from our new animation film

Enquire’s website for young people Reach has launched 3 new animations to help pupils feel more confident about speaking up if they are struggling at school, and more informed about their rights to be supported and involved in decisions at school.


3 reasons to watch our new films with your child:

1. Pupils need to know they have more rights than ever before.

Pupil talking to teacher - clip from animation film

Recent changes to the law mean children aged 12- 15 now have more rights than ever before to have a say in decisions about the support they need with their learning. Children can now get help to share their views at school from a support service called My Rights, My Say. Partners in Advocacy, who are partners in the service love the films: “It’s really important that children and young people understand their rights at school, and know that if they need help and support, they can and should ask for it.

2. It’s important that children know that it’s ok to ask for help.

A picture from our new child rights animation

The films echo the feelings and experiences of many pupils having a hard time at school who aren’t sure how to talk about what they’re going through. “Don’t fit in, but don’t want to stand out”.“They won’t understand, they’ll just think I’m weird.” “I’m stressed and depressed, I’m worried about home. Bullies keep sending me texts to my phone”.
We want children and young people to know that while it’s not always easy to talk about problems, understanding your rights and having your say about the support you need at school can help things improve.

3. The films are a fun way for young people to find out about their rights and pupils really like them! 

Adam and Zain who were involved in making and reviewing the films have lots to say about them.

“I like how two of the films rhyme, which helps people to remember the crucial points more..  I think the pictures of real people are a good choice because it is easier to relate to real people than animated figures drawn by a computer.”

“I liked how the video images and scripts were sometimes funny… I think the messages for young people are really important if they are struggling, so they know that help is available. I am really proud of the part I took in this and hope that I can do more of this sort of thing in the future.”

It's not easy to talk

WATCH It’s not easy to talk:

If you’re having a hard time at school, it’s not always easy to talk about it. But telling someone you trust can be the first step to things getting better for you.

WATCH Your Rights Your Say

Rights are like promises to make sure that you are treated fairly, kept safe, and have what you need. Some of your rights are about making sure you feel supported, included and involved in decisions at school.

WATCH Help to make your voice heard at school: 

Young people have the right to have a say in decisions made about them at school. This film explains how an advocate can support young people to have their voice heard at school.

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