Advice for young people

It’s important that all pupils have access to advice and information to help them understand their rights to support with their learning and to feel confident to ask for help. Find out more about our services that help children and young people get the support they need.

Our service Reach can help you talk to your child about the support they need with school

Reach can help you and your child to understand children’s rights to be supported and involved in decisions so they have an equal chance to flourish in their education.

With accessible, bitesize advice on additional support for learning and the chance to hear from pupils across Scotland sharing what has helped them, Reach can help you to talk with your child about school and the support they need.

Advocacy and support for 12-15 year olds

My Rights, My Say supports children in Scotland aged 12-15 with additional support needs to exercise their rights to be involved in decisions about their support in school. It’s independent, confidential, easy to use, and supports children to speak up about what they need to learn.