What support could my child get in school?

If you think that your child might need extra help, talking to their school is the best place to start. Every child’s needs will be different and any support provided should meet their individual needs.

There are lots of ways to support children with their learning. Support may include:

  • time with learning support staff
  • assistance from a therapist e.g. speech and language therapist or physiotherapist
  • equipment, such as a laptop
  • strategies, such as time out
  • more time to complete work and exams
  • different types of support in exams
  • ‘buddy’ support from an older child
  • meetings to discuss learning plans
  • referrals to sources of help outside of school such as the NHS
  • help from a school nurse

It is worth remembering that your child may already be getting extra help in school. Teachers are trained to look at each child’s progress and adapt teaching methods to meet the different needs of all the children in the class. Sometimes support can already be in place as part of a school-wide project  –  such as a positive behaviour or anti-bullying programme.


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