My child is finding school difficult. What can I do?

As a parent you are an expert on your child. If you notice your child is having difficulty with some part of their school work, it is important you discuss your worries with their teacher.

Your child’s teacher will normally identify children in their class who need more attention or planning. If you feel your child’s needs are not being identified, you can ask the education authority to assess your child to find out if they have additional support needs. Your request to the education authority should be put in writing (or in some other permanent form such as email, video or a tape recording). The education authority must agree to your request unless it finds it ‘unreasonable’. A request might be considered ‘unreasonable’ if it repeats assessments that have already been carried out, or if they do not think an assessment is relevant to your child.

For further information, please see: Enquire Factsheet 18 – Assessment

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