The type of support your child might receive

What support could my child get in school?


If you think that your child might need extra help, talking to their school is the best place to start. Every child’s needs will be different and any support provided should meet their individual needs. There are lots of ways to support children with their learning. Support may include: time with learning support staff assistance [read more...]

Can people other than teaching staff help my child in school?


If your child has additional support needs, they may need help from people who don’t work in the school – such as a speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, counsellor, support worker or social worker. Your child may get support from these people in school – for example, a speech and language therapist may visit your [read more...]

My child is finding school difficult. What can I do?

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As a parent you are an expert on your child. If you notice your child is having difficulty with some part of their school work, it is important you discuss your worries with their teacher. Your child’s teacher will normally identify children in their class who need more attention or planning. If you feel your [read more...]

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