What can I do if I am unhappy with speech and language therapy services?

As the above description highlights, speech, language and communication development and speech and language therapy is a partnership between the therapist, the child, their parents, teachers and other key adults.  However, if you have any queries or concerns about the speech and language therapy your child is receiving you have the right, and are strongly encouraged, to raise these with the speech and language therapist or service.

Before doing this, you, along with teachers and others may want to consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Have I done what the speech and language therapist recommended and has there been no change?
  • If you haven’t followed the therapist’s recommendations, why not? Is it because you are not clear on what you are meant to be doing; you don’t know why you are doing it; you don’t have time; you don’t agree or don’t believe it will help?
  • Do I know what is reasonable to expect in terms of progress? Do I know what ‘success’ looks like?

Thinking about these questions will help you get the most useful answers when you speak to your speech and language therapist. The therapist should be able to explain the reasons behind his/her recommendations and respond to requests to help you follow recommendations, including demonstrating what you should be doing. You and others can also join in and observe sessions.

If, after talking to your speech and language therapist, you are not satisfied you could contact:

  1. The local speech and language therapy manager.
  2. The local Allied Health Professionals Manager  and start, if necessary, the local complaints procedure. Information on this is normally found on Health Board websites.

Note – the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and Health Professionals Council will not normally respond to complaints unless the local complaints procedure has been exhausted.

3. Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists – RCSLT (info@rcslt.org/tel: 020 7378 3012)

4. The Health Professions Council (HPC) – see http://www.hpc-uk.org/ or call 0845 300 6184

5. Local MSPs and/or Councillors

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