When can a parent use independent adjudication?

Schools and education authorities should work with parents to sort out any difficulties.  If agreement cannot be reached informally there are more formal routes a parent can use such as mediation or independent adjudication.

For example, if the disagreement has caused a breakdown in the relationship between yourself and the school you can ask for mediation to help rebuild the relationship.

You can also consider using independent adjudication – this involves a person who is independent of the education authority reviewing your case. All requests for independent adjudication from parents or young people should be made to the Scottish Ministers.

There are only certain matters that can be dealt with by independent adjudication. These include disagreements about the assessment of additional support needs and the level of support.

For further information please see Factsheet 8 – Mediation,  Factsheet 12 – Resolving disputes using independent adjudication and our one page summary Steps-to-resolving-disagreements.


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