Resolving disagreements

When could a parent use additional support needs mediation?


If you are concerned about your child’s education or additional support needs, talking to your child’s school is a good place to start. It’s often possible for issues to be sorted out by explaining your concerns to your child’s teacher or head teacher, or by asking to discuss your child’s Personal Learning Plan or Individualised [read more...]

My placing request to a special school was turned down. What can I do now?


If you have made a placing request to a special school in Scotland and your education authority have refused it, you can make an appeal (called a ‘reference’) to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal.  You can make the reference if your child has a co-ordinated support plan or not. If your placing request was for [read more...]

When can a parent use independent adjudication?


Schools and education authorities should work with parents to sort out any difficulties.  If agreement cannot be reached informally there are more formal routes a parent can use such as mediation or independent adjudication. For example, if the disagreement has caused a breakdown in the relationship between yourself and the school you can ask for [read more...]

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