The reason why a child might need additional support for learning

Are children under 3 entitled to additional support?


Education authorities must assess children under the age of 3 who need, or may need, additional support due to a disability. Usually a health professional will refer a child to the educational authority for assessment, after discussion with the parent. A parent can also self-refer their child. Not every child under 3 with a disability [read more...]

Why might a child need additional support for learning?


There are many reasons why a child might need additional support for learning. These include: finding it difficult to control their behaviour not making themselves understood (because English is not their first language or because of a speech and language difficulty) being bullied being abused or neglected caring for someone at home having difficulties with [read more...]

Do all looked after children have additional support needs?


The 2009 ASL Act says that all looked after children and young people have additional support needs unless the education authority, after assessment, decides they do not need additional support to benefit from their education. This means that the education authority must identify the additional support needs, if any, of every looked after child or [read more...]

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