What if I do not want my child to go to the local school or the one suggested by the education authority?

As a parent you have the right to make a placing request. Parents of children with additional support needs can make placing requests to:

  • a school or pre-school in Scotland that is run by an education authority
  • a private nursery in Scotland that is working in partnership with an education authority
  • an independent special school or grant-aided special school in Scotland
  • a school in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or outwith the UK that provides support for children with additional support needs.

If your chosen school is run by a Scottish education authority, you make your placing request in writing to the education authority that runs your chosen school.

If your chosen school is an independent or grant-aided special school, you have to check with the managers of the school first to see if they are willing to offer your child a place. Then you make your placing request in writing to your education authority.

For further information please see Enquire factsheet 3  – Placing requests and  The parents’ guide to additional support for learning.

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