Placing requests

What happens after I have made a placing request?

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The education authority must inform you in writing about its decision on your placing request. If it refuses your request, it must give you the reasons why. However, if you have not received a decision in writing within two months of making a placing request then the request is considered to be refused. (This is [read more...]

Who pays the costs if my child is educated in another education authority as a result of a parental placing request?

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If you make a successful placing request for your child to attend a school in another education authority area (the host education authority) it becomes responsible for your child’s education and is responsible for all relevant duties under the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004, as amended. However, the host authority is not [read more...]

What if I do not want my child to go to the local school or the one suggested by the education authority?

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As a parent you have the right to make a placing request. Parents of children with additional support needs can make placing requests to: a school or pre-school in Scotland that is run by an education authority a private nursery in Scotland that is working in partnership with an education authority an independent special school [read more...]

My placing request to a special school was turned down. What can I do now?


If you have made a placing request to a special school in Scotland and your education authority have refused it, you can make an appeal (called a ‘reference’) to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal.  You can make the reference if your child has a co-ordinated support plan or not. If your placing request was for [read more...]

What can I do if my placing request is refused?

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You can appeal against the education authority’s decision to refuse your placing request. There are two ways to appeal: the education appeals committee (EAC) or the Additional Support Needs Tribunal. 1)  You will make an appeal to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal if : Your child has a co-ordinated support plan (CSP). The education authority [read more...]

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