Individualised Educational Programmes (IEPs)

What is an individualised educational programme (IEP)?


An IEP is a detailed plan for your child’s learning. It usually describes your child’s additional support needs and the type of support they require. These plans set out short-term aims and goals for your child and the methods that will be used to help to reach them. An IEP may include activities you can [read more...]

Should my child’s individualised educational programme (IEP) be reviewed?


If your child has an IEP (or similar plan) it should be reviewed regularly, usually every school term. You and your child should be involved in this. The targets can be checked and if they have been reached, new ones can be set. If the targets have not been met, the targets and support can [read more...]

When should a child have an individualised educational programme (IEP)?


The law does not say which children should have an IEP. All children will have a personal learning plan which records the progress they are making with their learning.  If your child needs more detailed planning – for example if they need changes to the curriculum, help from an outside agency, special equipment in class [read more...]

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