My child has been sent home with no explanation from the school. What should I do?

Sometimes schools use different ways to describe, or give different reasons for, removing a child from school. These may include:

  • sending a child home early
  • cooling-off period
  • informal exclusion
  • short-term suspension
  • the child cannot cope with a full day.

Schools do not always think of these as formal exclusions but they should record them and follow the proper exclusion procedures. Schools should not send children home because of their behaviour unless one of the reasons below applies:

  • The school thinks that order and discipline in the school and the education of the other pupils will be badly affected if your child continues to attend there.
  • The school thinks that you, the parents, have not followed the school’s rules and have allowed your child to break the school rules.

If your child has been sent home, you should ask the school why your child has been excluded and ask for the proper procedures to be followed.

For further information please see Enquire factsheet 11 – Exclusion and our one page summary Steps-to-resolving-disagreements.


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