What can I do to make sure my child’s co-ordinated support plan (CSP) is up to date?

Your child’s CSP must be reviewed every twelve months to make sure that the support it describes is still suitable for your child’s needs. You will be invited to a review meeting. The review meeting will consider if the aims and goals set out in your child’s plan have been achieved, whether any new aims or goals need to be set, and what support will be needed to help your child achieve them. The review meeting will also consider whether there has been any change in the circumstances which have led to your child’s additional support needs.

If an education authority thinks your child’s circumstances have changed significantly during the year an early review meeting may be called. You also have the right to request an early review meeting if you believe this to be the case.

For further information please see Enquire factsheet 13 – Co-ordinated support plans.


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