Working with parents: Advanced level workshop – 29 November 2012

Advanced one-day workshop for those who have already attended working with parents training

This advanced workshop is intended for those who have already attended working with parents training or who have significant experience in working with parents in their day-to-day work.

Following the different parenting styles explored in the first session, this workshop will explore the neglectful parenting style with which the most consistently negative outcomes for children are associated.

We will also explore the concept of adult attachment, with particular regard to the development of negative parenting styles.

The session format will be a combination of presentations, discussion and experiential work.

Learning outcomes:

  • consider insecure attachment styles in children and how they develop
  • develop an understanding of adult attachment patterns, e.g. dismissing, autonomous, preoccupied, unresolved
  • explore the impact of negative parenting styles on emotional and cognitive development
  • examine the neglectful or uninvolved parenting style and whether it is conscious or unconscious
  • help parents understand the impact of unregulated stress
  • learned behaviour and modelling: helping parents understand how empathy develops and building resilience and what impedes these processes

Who should attend: . This workshop is appropriate for those working with families in a wide variety of settings across both the statutory and voluntary sectors, particularly those involved in social work, residential care, fostering, teachers and classroom assistants, community education and youth workers.

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Venue: Edinburgh
Date: 29 November 2012

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