Children in Scotland Annual Conference 2012 – A Family affair: Parents, carers and professionals moving forward together – 1 November 2012

Children in Scotland’s annual conference is the sector’s flagship event, bringing together all those working with children, young people and their families.

It offers a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with policy makers, practitioners and experts from across the sector; to share ideas and knowledge, and to instigate positive strong change in the lives of Scotland’s children.

Programme to be announced shortly.

Who should attend: .

This flagship event has particular relevance for everyone whose work affects the lives of children and young people, including:

  • Government – central and local
  • Education departments
  • Social Work
  • Social Care
  • NHS
  • Early years sector, nurseries and nature kindergartens
  • Third sector including community education projects
  • Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities
  • Criminal justice and police
  • The arts

For more information and booking details, visit Children in Scotland’s website.

Venue: Dunfermline
Date: 1 November 2012

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