The latest news relating to additional support for learning.

Draft National Improvement Framework – What you need to know

Last updated: 19/11/15

Additional support for learning information sheet

Last updated: 04/11/15

fSDC newsletter highlights parents’ views

Last updated: 19/10/15

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Children in Scotland Self-directed Support report

Last updated: 04/11/15

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The Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People raises concerns over provision of Additional Support for Learning.

Last updated: 03/08/15

Guidance for children and young people unable to attend school due to ill health

Last updated: 01/07/15

National Parent Forum Scotland survey: Additional support for learning

Last updated: 28/04/15

What you need to know about the Education (Scotland) Bill 2015

Last updated: 12/04/16

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Scottish Government Report to Parliament on Implementation of the ASL Act

Last updated: 21/04/15

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Mentoring and Early Years Group Opportunities with SSC

Last updated: 20/03/15