Positive mental health in schools – Enquire conference 2016

On 10 March 160 people gathered at the 17th Enquire annual conference in Stirling to discuss young people’s mental health and wellbeing and what schools are doing to support young people’s mental health needs.

We considered how we prevent additional support for learning needs arising from mental health issues and dealing with acute mental health needs and were lucky to have several young people share their experiences and views with the delegates. Read our blog for a summary of their contribution.

We’ve had some great feedback from delegates about what they got out of the day:

Now have a wide range of possibilities to explore to take our school forward to becoming more supportive in overcoming barriers to learning to become more mental health – friendly.”

Insight into mental health and approaches I can use with my pupils. Awareness (of mental health issues) heightened

Keynote speakers:

Chris O’Sullivan, Mental Health Foundation – Young people and their mental health: How is the landscape changing?

Ruth Fidler, Education Consultant – Promoting social and emotional development in children with autism

Gennifer Graham – Keep soaring: Support for coping with loss

Aye Mind – Digital media and its impact on mental health


Anne Wilson, Action for Sick Children Scotland –  Looked after children and the importance of attachment on their mental health and emotional well-being

Keir McKechnie, Includem – Supporting pupils by supporting families 

View a short film of highlights from the day.

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