From the margins to the mainstream: Ensuring every child has a positive school experience

The timing for our 2017 national conference was more significant than usual this year.  With the publication in December of Enable Scotland’s Included in the Main Report, the planned review of presumption of mainstream guidance due later this year and the extension of young people with additional support needs’ rights coming into force in November, our conference provided the perfect opportunity for delegates to explore some big questions around inclusion including the impact these forthcoming changes may make to children and young people’s experience of school.

The conference explored how we can work together to remove barriers to participation, learning and achievement, to promote inclusion and ensure that a positive and high quality school experience for every child is developed and sustained. Through a mix of informative presentations and practical workshops led by national and international experts, delegates reflected on the key features of inclusive learning environments and explored ways to develop practices that strengthen the capacity of our schools to educate all learners effectively. We were delighted that Peter Vermuelen from Autisme Centraal was able to join us and share his knowledge on autism and happiness.

Aqueel and markOne of the most important, and popular, parts of our annual conference is the young speakers. This year was no exception. We were delighted that Mark Stewart, one of Scotland’s Young Inclusion Ambassadors, Aqeel Ahmed MSYP,  Lewis Douglas MSYP and Adam Bennet, a Fostering Network Champion, were able to join us to share their views on inclusion, mental health and the impact a postitive school experience can have on young people. You can read more about these issues on the Reach website.

Delegates felt the conference offered not only practical advice to help them support children and young people in school but also a welcome dose of inspiration!

#EnquireConf2017 what a fantastic conference! Amazing to be together all with the same goals and aspirations for our wonderful children!

Great talks today #Enquireconf2017 @KennyLogan @Peter_Autisme best of the day thought provoking and inspiring #brave #happiness.

Read more about discussion on the day on our blog and see coverage from the day on our Storify report.

Keynote speakers

Jan Savage, Enable Scotland. #Included in the Main.pdf

Peter Vermeulen, Autisme Centraal. Autism and happiness – Mission (im)possible.pdf

Lewis Douglas MSYP and Aqeel Ahmed MSYP. Our generation’s epidemic: young people’s awareness and experience of mental health information, support, and services.pdf

Lisa MacAulife. University of West of Scotland. The role of specialists in the area of additonal support needs A university perspective.pdf

Iain Nisbet, Education Law Consultant, What’s my right?.pdf


Morning workshops

Christine Gordon and Fiona Lettice, Adapt Scotland. Adapting approaches: Understanding behaviour in traumatised children.pdf

Fran Ranaldi, Education Scotland. Inclusive Practice: the Scottish context.pdf

Mary Glasgow, Children 1st. Relationship based practice.pdf

Martha Harding, Scottish Refugee Council. Understanding the Rights of refugee Children and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children.pdf

Afternoon workshops

Moira Thomson, Education Consultant, Being dyslexia-friendly is not enough.pdf

Paul Meijer and Marion Robertson, Rosslyn School. Inclusion: stronger together through collaborative practices.pdf

Vic Valentine, Scottish Trans Alliance. Supporting transgender children and young people in school settings.pdf

Lorraine Cusack St David’s RC Primary School and Annemarie Procter Supporting English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners.pdf

Natalie Sutton and Moira Andrew, Donaldson’s Schools. Building confidence and skills in working with children who are deaf or have communication difficulties.pdf

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