Pupil Inclusion Network Scotland (PINS)

The Pupil Inclusion Network is aimed at  practitioners and managers in the voluntary sector who work with young people who are excluded, disaffected or disengaged from school. It provides opportunities for the sharing of good practice across sectors.

It’s main themes include More Choices, More Chances (addressing issues for young people+16 or who are not in education or employment), parents, school exclusions and health and wellbeing.  Each theme contains news, information and resources about each issue.

The PINS website has a specific Practice section with lots information on organisations and projects related to pupil inclusion.  It also has a section called What is…..? which answers key questions about policy, guidance and other key issues in working with vulnerable, disaffected or excluded pupils.

Examples of practice include:

Richard Hendry, National Coordinator of Sacro’s Work with Schools talking about Peer Mediation.

Patricia Santelices, a Project Manager at Growing Confidence, talks about promoting emotional well-being for primary pupils, parents and carers and school staff.

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