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Education Scotland is the main curriculum body in Scotland. It supports the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence and amongst other things promotes the use of Glow – Scotland’s education intranet.

The Education Scotland website contains useful advice and guidance for education staff including Principles of Supporting Children’s Learning a CPD resource for practitioners.

On the Supporting Learners pages, which detail the support all children can expect in school, there is a section on Additional Support Needs which parents may also find interesting. It contains general information as well as help for learners with specific needs including:

  • autism spectrum disorders
  • deaf and hearing impaired
  • dyslexia
  • english as an additional language
  • highly able children
  • looked after children
  • visual impairment

You’ll find resources about inclusion and equality and positive relationships and behavior in the  Positive Learning Environments sections.

Examples of good practice include:

Joining our nursery class: A ‘can-do’ approach makes all the difference to a young boy with autism joining the nursery class of South Morningside Primary.

Stepping stones to a smooth transition:The Falkirk Bilingual and Traveller Pupil Support Service supports pupils, their schools and families to cope with the transition to a different culture, language and school system.

Pupil Peer Mediation: St Fergus’ Primary School encouraged its pupils to take responsibility for their own actions using the Peer Mediation project.

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