HMIE: A Journey to Excellence

HMIE’s  Journey to Excellence website provides examples of excellence in Scottish education and other children’s services. Aimed mainly at education staff, it includes videos of good practice and improvement guides on a range of subjects including the curriculum, assessment and meeting learning needs.

The website contains lots of  examples of good practice from special and mainstream schools including:

Actively engaged: Hamilton School for the Deaf. Learn how this special school for deaf pupils engages parents actively in supporting learning. Staff and parents talk about the success of partnership working.

A focus on speech and language: Cedarbank School and Outreach Team. Take a look at a special school which has formed a collaborative network with mainstream schools and teaching professionals to support learners with auditory, speech and language difficulties.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder and inclusive learning: The Columba Unit St Benedict’s High School. See how one secondary school has been providing support and inclusive learning for learners with autism spectrum disorders within a specialised unit, and discover how it has benefited all learners.

Achievement for all learners: St Andrew’s Secondary School .Explore how a large secondary school enables all young people to achieve. Staff and pupils describe how the school fosters a culture of achievement and encourages all young people to aim high.

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