What is GLOW?

Glow is the national intranet for education.

What does it do?

Glow is transforming the way children learn in school.

It provides:

  • a safe online environment for pupils, practitioners and parents,
  • a space to create personalised programmes of work for pupils,
  • a place to share ideas and learning resources – across classes, schools and local authorities,
  • a range of online tools to help improve learning,
  • communities where practioners with special interests can communicate with each other and share information,
  • opportunities to explore new learning approaches and practices,
  • a way to involve children and young people in developing their own learning,

Glow is being used by teachers and pupils across Scotland in lots of different ways. To find more about Glow, visit the Education Scotland website.

To find out how Glow is being used in your area, look at the ‘Glow in your area’ map. This map also gives you named contacts for each local authority area.

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