My child is being bullied in school. What can I do?

Last updated: 14/07/16

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If your child is being bullied and this is affecting their attendance at school or their ability to benefit from their education, then they might require additional support to help them return to school or support them with their learning. If you think your child is being bullied, you should advise your child to tell [read more...]

Positive mental health in schools – Enquire conference 2016

Last updated: 07/06/16

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On 10 March 160 people gathered at the 17th Enquire annual conference in Stirling to discuss young people’s mental health and wellbeing and what schools are doing to support young people’s mental health needs. We considered how we prevent additional support for learning needs arising from mental health issues and dealing with acute mental health [read more...]

Education Scotland web resources

Last updated: 25/03/15

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View Education Scotland’s comprehensive resources for implementing Curriculum for Excellence including good practice on Supporting Learners. [read more...]

Hands On Scotland

Last updated: 25/03/15

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View Hands On Scotland’s resources to help children and young people flourish. [read more...]

Pupil Inclusion Network Scotland (PINS)

Last updated: 16/09/10

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View PINS resources to support young people who are excluded, disaffected or disengaged from schools. [read more...]

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